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Pilates Classes in our Coffs Harbour Pilates Studio

* Fully equipped Pilates Studio * Fully qualified Pilates Instructors *

We offer individually assessed programs with a physiotherapy-based approach for

Pilates is more popular than ever, so you must be sure you are getting the right advice and appropriate exercises. 

Physiotherapy based Pilates: Our physiotherapist-guided approach combines the traditional philosophies of the original Pilates Method with the latest scientific research. The original concept of “core stability” is fused with this new knowledge so we can understand the deep muscle actions needed to function and perform optimally and design programs with long–lasting structural and functional benefits.

Physio assessment & Individual program: We believe the best permanent results are obtained through a thorough musculoskeletal assessment and an individual program designed and explained by our physiotherapists and instructors.  Any structural or functional weaknesses are allowed for with each program designed to meet your requirements.

Once you're comfortable with your individual program, you are supervised in small groups to ensure continuing quality of exercise and a lasting, functional outcome.

What is Pilates and what equipment is used in the Park Beach Pilates studioRead more about the Pilates method & equipment we use.

Pilates assessment by a physiotherapist, individual Pilates classes and Coffs Harbour Pilates group classesRead more about starting Pilates, your initial assessment,
      one-on-one sessions, group Pilates classes and prices.

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