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Sports Injury Clinic - Sports Physiotherapists

We cover all facets of rehabilitation in our physiotherapy clinic in Coffs Harbour and have extensive experience in treating sporting injuries.

Our Sports Injuries Clinic deals with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and pain arising from sport.

This can involve treatment of either acute injuries such as ligament sprains, muscle or tendon tears or it can involve treatment of a problem that has arisen due to poor biomechanics (or poor movement patterns).

Our clinicians are expert in assessing movement patterns/biomechanics and provide appropriate treatments to correct these patterns to enable a return to optimal function and to minimise risk of further injury.

We have vast experience in the treatment of sports injuries from various fields, including but not limited to:

Our ultimate goal is to restore full function for return to sport, recreation or work.

Coffs Harbour Sports Injury Clinic Park Beach Physiotherapy for treatment of all sporting injuriesContact us if you would like to make an appointment.

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